Togeth­er, we invest in sus­tain­able impact

Together, we invest in sustainable impact

Bliss Invest is an expe­ri­enced pri­vate equi­ty part­ner. Our focus lies on opti­mal impact for the start, build, or trans­fer­ral of your busi­ness project. We’ve delib­er­ate­ly opt­ed to work exclu­sive­ly with entre­pre­neurs who believe in the impact and poten­tial of their sus­tain­able prod­ucts and services. 

Recent investments

Threefold commitment

As experienced boutique investment partner, Bliss Invest demonstrates a unique threefold commitment: our investment in your project is strategic, financial, and personal.

Our approach for impact

Impact and growth,
driven by our values

Creating sustainable impact is Bliss Invest’s expertise. We find our purpose in creating added value for the environment, people, and society at large. In our case, impact doesn’t solely refer to financial influence, but also speaks to social returns on investments, by setting our sights on improving health, education, food supplies, ecology, communities, … This vision is reflected in our four core values.


for every­one who aims for impact­ful sus­tain­abil­i­ty through inno­va­tion, even on a small scale.


As trans­paren­cy and sin­cere sus­tain­able entre­pre­neur­ship are the best policies!


on sev­er­al dif­fer­ent lev­els, i.e. busi­ness oper­a­tions, per­son­al well-being, finan­cial health, as a spar­ring part­ner for defin­ing future vision, … .


ROI is social as well as financial.

Bliss Score
See how well we match

What is a Bliss Score? By way of a questionnaire, we’re able to get a better feel for your organisation regarding your vision on certain ESG aspects (Environmental, Social & Governance). This allows us to familiarise ourselves with your plans, ambitions, attitude towards risk, longer-term vision, … . Your Bliss Score will help us assess whether or not we are the ideal investment partner for your company. Doing business with the right connection is the basis for success.

Step 1 towards high performance
in sus­tain­able impact

Are you look­ing for a high-per­for­mance pri­vate equi­ty com­pan­ion to dri­ve the growth of your com­pa­ny? Take the Bliss Score test to see if we’re a match to cre­ate some sus­tain­able impact together!